Pazda & Associates Private Investigations (P.A.P.I.) has instant access to a wide range of current, accurate, business and consumer information, via databases from a large array of public, government, and proprietary sources to provide a multitude of investigative services.

Skip Tracing/Locator Services: The term "skip tracing" refers to finding missing persons. The term comes from the debt collection industry and refers to those who "skip out" on their debts by moving and not leaving a forwarding address. Today the term skip tracing has been adapted to mean finding a missing person, regardless of whether they have skipped out on a debt. Maybe you want to locate a long lost relative.  Maybe you want to find old friends or loved ones. P.A.P.I. can help you do that.

Pre-employment Screening/Background Checks: If you need to make an informed decision relative to hiring new employees; if you want to verify facts about someone's background, P.A.P.I. can help you do that by helping you find answers to questions such as:  Does the person have a criminal record? Does the person have a professional license as claimed?  Did the person work at a particular place as indicated? Did the person go to school or college at an institution as indicated? These are just several examples of questions that may remain to be answered. Call P.A.P.I. After all, that's the name of this website.

Asset Identification: Basic asset searches include the identification of tangible assets, such as property, cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, boats and airplanes.



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